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28 May 2009

Funny Three Wolf Moon Parody T-Shirts

Three Wolf Moon Shirt Parodies

The strangest things become popular overnight on the interwebs, not least some quirky additions from the world of stylish and happening wolf t-shirts. Yes, I'm talking about the Three Wolf Moon tee offered for sale at Amazon, a lucky or unlucky (depending on your viewpoint) target of some serious viral piss-taking.

Alas, despite the trend-stopping coolness that is the best wolf shirt to ever hit this planet, not all of us are cool enough to pull it off. If you really, really, really are itching for am alternative three wolves shirt of your very own then try these on for size:

My other shirt has 3 wolves and a moon!
This gem is simple and has a strong message to anyone who's in on the know. My other shirt has 3 wolves and a moon! This funny wolf tee design is also available on other cool swag (in case you wanted a wolves t-shirt in a lighter color, for instance).

This 3 moon wolf shirt is slightly more... understated than the original, perhaps the solution to urban wolf fans? Yeah, you: the city dweller who finds solice in simple slogans rather than hot wolf art.

Look, I know these shirt don't have pictures of a real moon or of wolves, but they're still pretty cool. A trendsetting alternative for your next wal mart adventure, perhaps?

03 May 2008

Fail T-Shirts for all our self deprecating emo friends.

Self loathing or humor? You decide! We thought these anti self-esteem tees were pretty funny (and boy do they make people smile when you walk by)! Whether you're looking for a personal statement or want to someone you don't have much faith in their abilities care, thse pro-failure tees are the way to go. Depress yourself in style... (har har). Emo kids rejoice, for there's finally a tee out there with your name on it.

Grab your emo t shirts here!

21 September 2007

Vintage and Funny Halloween Tee Shirts

Halloween Tees and Halloween Decor Items

It's that spooky time of year again, when all the kiddies have a great excuse to dress up as witches, warlocks, and little terrors (oh wait, that last one's not a costume). As adults we may not be so interested in a costume as in some good, old-fashioned, sarcastic humor (well, and maybe a costume). For all you grown-ups out there who are looking for a funny or graphic Halloween tee to show your scary spirit, KippyGo has just added a new line of unique and original Halloween T-Shirts and Decor designs!

As per our usual classy style, we'll begin with the your mom t-shirt... This awesome-tastic Your Mom is my Costume Halloween T-Shirt is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of immature adult humor at your mom's expense.

This one is by far a favorite, as expected by any Halloween shirt design that incorporates boobs. This Ghostly BOObs Halloween Tee is great for College Halloween parties or for any grown-up with a wacky sense of humor (this one looks particularly ravishing on the men, so if you're after a men's Halloween shirt, this is your one-way ticket to Halloween coolness).

This I've Got a Bat Attitude Funny Halloween Hoodie is well suited to anyone who's having a bit of monthly anxiety this October 31st (or of course for anyone who's completely into cheesy retro Halloween humor). Show off your bat attitude with this somewhat silly Halloween shirt design, featured here on a hooded sweatshirt.

And here are a couple of cool Halloween graphic t-shirts and buttons, too!

30 November 2006

Vintage fruit crate labels and the antique look

Apple Fruit Crate LabelApple Fruit Crate Label Ornament (Round). Fruit box labels are as popular as ever and make a lovely and stylish gift for any fan of vintage fruit crate labels, nostalgia, and/or antique styles. This cute "Legal Tender" design also makes a great 21st birthday gift!

Don Juan Vintage Fruit Crate LabelDon Juan Fruit Crate Label Dark T-Shirt. A great gift idea for any lover of the antique nostalgic look, this unique and original fruit crate label features a worn vintage style and makes a great addition to any fruit label collection. Funny, because I never related Don Juan to fruit.

 Good Luck Bran Vintage LabelGood Luck Vintage Label Dark T-Shirt. This fruit crate label illustration art design is a perfect gift idea for lovers of antique, nostalgic art and also makes a great new take on St. Patrick's Day gear (come on, you've got to sport a St. Patty's Day t-shirt at that college party!). This vintage crate label, produced for J.B. Lytle Co. in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, features a horse shoe and a shamrock.

For more vintage fruit crate, perfume, and other crate labels, check out the rest of our vintage art label illustrations. More to come!

11 November 2006

Britney's divorce storms Congress! Get your Britney gossip t-shirts here!

Okay, so I couldn't resist getting in on some good ol' Britney humor, what with the latest news of her divorce and all. Check out this happening and up to date celeb gossip tees!

Britney Celeb Gossip Shirt
Breaking News Britney Long Sleeved T-Shirt
. The text reads as follows:
Dems take the house...
Senate numbers pending...
World possibly ending...
This funny Britney design, also available on other gifts and apparel, is perfect for anyone with a good sense of humor who's into current affairs.

K Fed Up Britney Shirt
Britney / Federline K Fed Up T-Shirt
. Someone's had a nasty marriage and the media's pinpointed the culprits as none other than Britney and Kevin! Britney must've got k-fed up or something because the word of the moment is d-i-v-o-r-c-e! You can also grab this hot kfed design on a bunch of other gear, too.

Team Britney T-Shirt
Pink Team Britney Black T-Shirt
. Whose side are you on in the Britney / Kevin divorce? Clearly there is only one answer (Britney, duh)! Also available on a selection of other gifts and apparel.

30 October 2006

Vintage adult humor in the form of a... blowfish?

blow me funny vintage ringer t-shirtBlow Me Funny Vintage Ringer T. This vintage blowfish is definitely aimed at an adult audience, but will certainly get a few giggles across all demographics (as well as a few rolled eyes, dirty looks, and gasps, perhaps). Following the trend of updating vintage imagery with current to-date humor, this funny vintage t shirt design makes a great gift idea for anyone who gets a kick out of cheesy adult humor. This fabulous fish is also available on a selection of other products, too!

06 October 2006

Pirates y gringos: aarrrrgh you ready to dance?

What does a pirate and a white boy dancing have in common?

Easy! They're both available on awesome t-shirts at KippyGo Designs!

Baila, Gringos!Baila, Gringos! Funny Dark T-Shirt. Perfect for the whitey in your life (you know, the one who bites their lip when they dance).

This funny retro design features a Spanish guitar player and the text "Baila GRINGOS! BAILA!" This amusing Spanish design makes for brilliant humor, si! Check out all the gear on which you can get this great slogan!

Funny Pirate Button
Arrrrgh You Up For a Good Time Funny Pirate Button
. Available on t-shirts and more, this semi obnoxious pirate is looking for a good time! This design makes for the perfect party wear, and is certain to get more than a few giggles no matter the occassion (save granny's funeral, maybe).